New Braxton Family Values Trailer!

As the new season of Braxton Family Values is three weeks underway, a new 36-second teaser has been released. In the trailer it's revealed the sisters come face-to-face with their fathers wife after 16 years. In the clip, Tamar explodes shouting "you gotta choose your kids! It's your children!" as the sisters encounter with their father.

Over the course of five seasons that have aired of Braxton Family Values the sisters have spoken out previously on how they felt towards their father (Michael Braxton Sr.) had forgotten about them once he was married to his current wife of thirty years. The sisters were able to form a new relationship with their estranged father once again, but now it's time to meet the woman who changed their life forever.

The new season of Braxton Family Values premieres Thursday March 16th on WE tv 9|8c.

Check out the new trailer below.


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