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Fantasia Releases New Video For 'When I Met You'

Fantasia releases a new music video for the latest single 'When I Met You' taken from her fifth studio album 'The Definition Of...'. The song is an ode to her husband of one year Kendall Taylor, where it celebrates love and what it takes to get there. But before Taylor had entered the picture another man had her heart and didn't know how to treat her right. Time was a healer for Fantasia, but nevertheless she found her true love. The music video features her daughter Zion who definitely favours Fantasia.

Watch the music video below.

She openly tells her man "listen to me when I tell you, without him there would be no you. So yes, I thank my ex a little still." The track closes with a monologue to her husband Kendall detailing the day they met and that her eyes were closed until she saw him. 

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